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Advanced Placement Art

Composed of the concentration and breadth series from my senior year of high school at Westminster Schools of Augusta

Titled “Within the Walls”, the focus of my concentration was to highlight the stories behind old buildings.  Many buildings have been abandoned and so have many of their stories.  These images show lively, beautiful interiors contrasted against their deteriorating and overgrown exteriors to convey what once was there.  Each piece represents a different event, person, or story. I find joy in the history behind buildings, and I am passionate about telling their stories through my art.

I illuminated, through watercolor, the lives lived in beautiful buildings that have now been abandoned. Each piece is composed of two watercolor images separated in depth by layering foam board in between. The stark contrast between abandoned and loved is created by this separation of layers and the use of dark versus bright colors.  I used the technique of cutting a hole(s) out of the top layer and burning the edges to reveal the interior underneath.   Each building was captured in my hometown of Augusta, GA with consideration for its history and neighborhood.  Each interior is of my own creation. 

These pieces are portions of the collaboration of my learned, challenged, and attempted skills throughout AP Art in my senior year of high school. They are comprised of multiple different techniques, substrates, and mediums to create works that were each attached to an assignment. The breadth portion of my AP Art experience expanded my capabilities and skills in art and made me think outside of my comfort zone.  

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