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Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau

I worked as the Marketing Intern for the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau in Augusta, GA for the summer of 2020. I was able to assist with photography, content creation, blog posts, and the launch of their rebranding campaign. I also participated in multiple cross-training sessions and general meetings with their graphic design, web development, visual content marketing, and public relations partners.

Experience Guide Supplemental Materials - I created these supplemental materials that were printed as handouts in the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau's storefront, Augusta & Co.. They were based on the brand guidelines of their magazine, The Experience Guide, and included the information for various destinations that tourists could use while exploring Augusta. 

The James Brown Journey Social Graphics - This new attraction in Augusta launched during my internship, so I had the privilege of designing the social media graphics for the virtual reveal based on the brand assets created by a local graphic design agency.

JBJ Master File (1)-13.jpg
JBJ Master File (1)-04.jpg
JBJ Master File (1)-05.jpg
JBJ Master File (1)-06.jpg
JBJ Master File (1)_Artboard 9.jpg
JBJ Master File (1)-07.jpg
JBJ Master File (1)-08.jpg

Travel and Leisure Blog - I wrote multiple blog posts for the ACVB during my internship which included researching businesses, writing the blogs, and gathering user generated content. 


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Photography - I photographed the Augusta & Co. storefront to highlight the safety measures that they took due to COVID-19. These photos are being used by their website, partners, and KAMO, their service provider. 

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