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Julia Kershner

Graphic Design | Digital Marketing | Custom Art


My name is Julia Kershner, and I am a creative, optimist, beauty-seeker, and go-getter (3w2 for my Enneagram people).


I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Clemson University with a B.S. in Graphic Communications and a minor in Brand Communications as a part of the Clemson Honors College in May 2021 and currently work in graphic design and marketing in Atlanta, GA. 

Throughout school, I challenged myself to develop my work ethic and critical thinking abilities, leadership, time management, and communication skills through being involved in multiple social and academic organizations in college while also completing internships in marketing, merchandising, and tourism. I now continue to stretch myself personally and creatively through my position at Alpha Delta Pi and through freelance endeavors in graphic design and painting. I aspire to be a light for Christ daily and love any opportunity I am given to create.

I seek to constantly expand my skillset in the marketing industry from both a creative and strategic point of view as I have always had a passion and eye for good design. As I am thankful for the people, education, and opportunities I have been given, I strive to work to the best of my abilities throughout my career, implementing the knowledge and skills obtained from these experiences while being pushed to learn, grow, and be challenged continuously.

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